High performance computer

The high-performance computer available at UL FME (called HPC FS) consists of two computing partitions. A partition called haswell, delivered in 2016, contains 20 computing nodes with INTEL Xeon processors E5-2680 v3, which amounts in total to 480 computing cores. The roma partition, delivered in 2021, contains 20 computing nodes with AMD Epyc 7402 processors, in total of 1920 computing cores. Important components of HPCFS are also the computing nodes with graphics processing units (2x), login nodes (2x) and LUSTRE and NFS file servers with a total net memory of 271 TB. The components are interconnected by an IB QDR interconnection.

Instructions for use of HPC and other important information are available at: https://wiki.hpc.fs.uni-lj.si/