Dr. Borut Černe received the Award to colleagues under the age of 35 for high-profile research achievements


The Senate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering approved proposals for awarding Awards for high-profile research achievements to colleagues up to the age of 35.

Dr. Borut Černe is one of the recipients of the award. In 2021 he:

a) published 3 SCI articles, all in the first quarter;

b) in two of these articles he is the lead author and once the corresponding author;

c) one of these articles, whose candidate is the first author, has an IF= 9,417;

d) led an independent research project (Postdoctoral ARRS project). Project Title: Gears from Sustainable Bio-Based Composites - Development and Performance Evaluation Based on Upgraded Experimental Analyzes and Numerical Simulations Z2-3208.

The article that contributed the most to gaining recognition is entitled High-speed camera-based optical measurement methods for in-mesh tooth deflection analysis of thermoplastic spur gears, which was published in the prestigious journal Materials & design, which can be viewed here. The co-author of the article is Dr. Martin Petkovšek from the Laboratory for Water and Turbine Machines LVTS at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.